A Big Down Fall In Hawaiian History

Hawaiian kingdom overthrown and eventually annexed


Due to President William Mckinely, Minister John L. Stevens, and President Grover Cleveland, the Hawaiian kingdom was over thrown on January 17, 1893 and later on annexed to the United States on June 14, 1900.


The overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom and the annexation of Hawaii was caused by three men, President William Mckinley, Minister John L. Stevens, and President Grover Cleavland. Due to these three men, we now know how Hawaii became a territory and the reasons why the Americans wanted to annex Hawaii. If King Kahmehameha V didn't gave the Americans permission to own land and David Kalakaua wasn't pressured into signing the Bayonet constitution the Hawaiian kingdom woouldn't have been overthrown and Hawaii would still be an independent country.

Is Hawaii legally and Lawfully a State of Hawaii?

Technically Hawaii is a state of the union, but the way the Americans overthrown the Hawaiian kingdom and annexed Hawaii was unlawfully. Hawaii is unlawfully a state of the union because the missionaries weren't suppose to get involve in the Hawaiian government and businesses and the Americans basically forcefully took away the powers of King Kalakaua. When the missionaries came to Hawaii, there job was to teach the Hawaiians how to be "civilized" and the religion' Christianity and God. When the missionaries finished there job in Hawaii some chose to stay due to the wealth growing from the sugar industry and other businesses (getting involved in business). Ever since King Kamehameha V gave Americans permission to own land, they started to take over almost all the land, causing only one percent of Hawaiian to own land (getting involved in government). lastly, the Hawaiian League came up with a plan to overthrow the Hawaiian government by creating the Bayonet constitution, which king David Kalakaua was forced to sign and diminished the powers of monarchy. This is why Hawaii is legally, but not lawfully a state of the union.

Supplement Information

The picture being shown is a petition against the annexation of Hawaii