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A Columbian Elementary Bulletin - 12.7.15

Winter Weather

Just a few reminders as we enter the cold weather season:

- Please remind your students to wear coats to school. Also encourage gloves, hats and scarves if they have them.

- Do NOT send students outside if the wind chill is below 32. Use this link to check the wind chill: mo-64836

- We do not want to punish students for not wearing coats. If you have a student that does not wear a coat, they can stand/sit outside blocked by the wind on the south wall of the school. Or you can check with Andrea to see if she has a coat that the student can borrow.

- You may find that a little fresh air and a chance to burn off some energy will be beneficial to your students.


Our attendance percent by grade level for November:

Kindergarten - 96.98%

First - 96.90%

Second - 97.93%

Third - 97.99%

Fourth - 98.15%

Columbian Overall Attendance - 97.63%

Major Saver Limo Ride Winners

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Weekly Schedule

Thursday, Dec. 10: Staff Christmas Lunch provided

Friday, Dec. 11: 8:30 am 4th grade Fire Safety (gym)

Access and DORA testing

Mrs. Kester and Mrs. Brown are working to get the schedules created for DORA and ACCESS since they have overlapping testing windows. Please be watching for more information on these dates.

Don't Forget!

- All employees are invited for lunch in the workroom on Thursday.

Looking Ahead

Thursday, Dec. 17: 2 pm Christmas Parties

Friday, Dec. 18: 9-9:45 am Kdg-2nd grade Sing-Along; 10-10:45 am 3rd/4th grade Sing-Along; Reset workroom copier; End of 2nd quarter; 1 pm Early Dismissal


December - 4 Kerry Catron; 12 Elaine Wurst; 31 Stephanie Zoromski