Maddie's Mind


I believe this image of a sunflower field best represents my personality. I feel like sunflowers are a simple flower that can brighten up any room and that's what I try to do. The bright sky represents how beautiful everything can be and I believe you have to find the beauty in everything. Many sunflowers make up the one sunflower field which represents community, I believe community is the key to happiness.


This Article from is about what happens behind the scenes or images that you don't normally see. I think this article relates to me because i'm a strong believer that there is always so much more then the surface. You have to dig deep to find the true meaning and reasoning for things. You can never judge a book by its cover.


Anna Sun By Walk The Moon

Anna Sun is the song i chose that I believed best described me. I love the upbeat tempo because I always am ready to go and have fun. The song is about enjoying life through the ups and downs. You never know what life is going to throw at you but you have to make the best of it. The song quotes "we're going to rattle this ghost town" means that you can have fun anywhere and that's what I try to do. I always try to be happy and have fun no matter what.