Baylor Recruitment

Stuart Castro

Becoming a Recruit

When I found out that I had the opportunity to become a D1 recruit I had to take advantage of it. My dad called me and said "hey son, Baylor is letting you become a recruit, but we have to do some things for it to be complete." After we hung up he sent me the application and I needed to send it ASAP. The next day I had to get the office's information and school's information to complete the application. It took 2 days to fill out, but it was worth it. The next week I got an email stating that the NCAA and Baylor had looked over and read the application and I was approved to become a D1 recruit.

2015-16 Varsity Basketball Season

Thrilling 2OT

The game tips off and I clear my mind and focus on the game. Somerville was bigger than us so therefore we played 2-3 zone. We struggle to move and communicate on zone defense so that was already bad. Our defense is really bad, so that allows other teams to score a lot. We were scoring a lot and letting them a lot also. Halftime comes we are winning 19-16 and the game continues and with 2.7 seconds left, we are up by 1 and they have the ball. They inbound the ball and they get fouled and there is only.4 seconds left. He misses the first free throw and makes the second one and we are tied and go to overtime. Once again we allowed them to score and that caused OT. Finally OT started and after 4 minutes we are tied again. 2OT we are so tired and that caused us not to hustle up and down the court and they ended up beating us by 3. That feeling was one of the worst ever. We knew why we lost too, lack of hustle and defense. Having that game made us focus more on defense and hustle to help in future games.
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Basketball Struggles

Rebounding and Aggression

How to get Better

Our basketball team this year is having some problems with defense and rebounding. These are some steps that could help us.

1. Work on defensive drills.

2. Work on rebounding drills.

3. Always crash the glass.

4. Never give up.

If we do these things we can become a better team and do better on the season. I just hope we can accomplish this and win more games.

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