Ms. Burgess's 5th Grade Class

Welcome to our classroom!

Newsletter #1

Hello, welcome to our classroom! My name is Samantha Burgess and I am a 5th grade English/ Language Arts teacher. This is the first newsletter of many this year. I will send out a newsletter to parents every week, and update it on my website

About Me

My name is Ms. Burgess, and I am a first year teacher at Clark's Creek Elementary. I am from Plainfield, and attended Central Elementary starting in 4th grade. I graduated from Plainfield High School in 2015, and got my degree at Indiana University! I am currently resided back in Plainfield with my two dogs, Hank and Zeppelin!

What's going to happen this year?

A few things that I am excited about for this are reading the first two Harry Potter books as a class and going on a field trip to the Indiana State Museum/ IMax. My hope for this year is to spark a fire in every students heart, for the love of reading! I will be teaching Reading and Writing to the students, and some of the things we will be doing are; book reports, a spelling bee, and a few short papers. Students will be taught Math and Science by a different teacher, but in our classroom we will also be studying Social Studies. The students will be learning all the state names this year, along with their location on the map and the capitals.

Contact Information

Samantha Burgess

Phone: 317-839-5575 ex:123


*Feel free to contact me whenever you need too. I guarantee to respond in 24 hours or less*