What To Expect

Abreeona Williams


After fertilization, the baby grows very fast in the stomach. At first she's just an embryo, and has only two layers of cells and all her organs & body parts will now be develop. Now she's about the size of a jelly bean and always moving. Her heart is beating very fast and her intestines are forming. Her whole body is devolping including earlobes, eyelids, mouth, and nose are also taking shape.

During the first trimester, prenatal care includes blood tests, a physical exam, conversations about lifestyle and much more. As soon as you think you're pregnant, schedule an appointment. You and your health care provider will talk about a lot of things. If you can bring your partner, do so. Your health care provider will ask questions mostly about your health to see where you stand and whats your outcomes on having a baby.


During this time you will have many ultrasounds. Your body changes the most, breast will start getting larger, belly gets bigger- even your feet! Skin aslo changes you may start to develope stretch marks. Feet become swolen, may start to feel dizzy, leg cramps, vaginal discharge and all.

This is also a time where you need to be paying attention on your babys growth. You need to watch what you eat and how you exercise. Make sure you never put yourself in dangerous enviroments. You wouldnt want to harm the baby or yourself. You should not do any drugs while pregnant this can cause serious damage to the baby and a complicated pregancy.


This is the part when pregnancy can be tiring, exhasting and uncomfortable. This is emotionally and physically draining for the woman. Movements from the baby will occur which will bring you an enjoyable sensation. Breast continues to get bigger from all the tissue. Expect to weigh 25 to 35 pounds more than you did before you got pregnant.

You will get major backaches and will have to go urinate a lot. Baby bones are fully developed at this time. Baby practices breathing and eyes start to open. During the last month of pregnancy, expect weekly checkups.


This is a time where you guys need to be very supportive and caring. For instance, it's common for expectant fathers to become deeply worried about the family's finances. Father may feel left out during pregnancy, you need to stay involved. So many women dont have their babys fathers around. So its very important that you stay around and be their for your child.