Here Comes Spring!

As of January 1, 2019, Creek Meadows HOA is under contract with a new landscape service, The Ground Crew. Learn more about their company HERE. Our contract calls for them to mow once in January, and once in February. The February mowing will occur this week. In March, you will begin to see them more often, as we gradually increase toward our summer mowing schedule. They are obviously still learning the neighborhood and streets, so please help them out! If you see any common areas that they have missed, notify BVPM immediately. TGC will come out and touch up any missed spots.

In addition, you may have noticed that spraying of all common areas was done last week. This service is being provided by Green Rite, a locally Aggie-owned company. We apologize in advance....the grass is going to look a little sparse for a while. The spray is a post-emergent, pre-emergent, and broad spectrum insecticide, which will kill the existing weeds, prevent new weed growth, and put valuable nutrients back into the ground. It will also help us to control the fire ants, and other meddlesome insects detrimental to good grass growth. Once the weather warms up a bit the grass will start filling in and will begin looking better in no time! The spray being used is safe for humans and pets. As a bonus, Green Rite is offering a discount to Creek Meadow homeowners on their year-round service (See info below).

These two companies are going to be strong partners in our plan to improve the overall look of the landscaping in our neighborhood!


20% discount for any Creek Meadows resident when you contract for year-round service!

Contact Rick at Green Rite to set up your service!


Ph. 979-268-5206


Come join the fun!

Date: Sunday, March 31st

Time: 3:00-5:00pm

Location: Creek Meadows Park


We are in need of a few volunteers to help set up and supervise the event. If you would be interested, please contact Lara Lewis (

The Big Event To Help With Neighborhood Clean-up!

On Saturday, March 30th, there will be several dozen Texas A&M students working here in the neighborhood, as part of TAMU's Big Event. The students will help with a variety of projects in common areas of the neighborhood. We have had a few homeowners volunteer to supervise groups of students that day. But, we do need a few more. If you have a few hours to spare, and would be willing to help supervise a small group of college students, please contact Cheryl Calame (

Excuse Our Mess!

You may have noticed several holes being dug along Creek Meadows Boulevard, and around the main CM pond. When completing their initial inspection of the irrigation system, The Ground Crew discovered multiple major breaks & leaks in the main lines of the CM system. The Estates side is in relatively good condition, with just a few minor repairs needed.

They are in the process of repairing those leaks and repairing and replacing other components of the irrigation system. Please bear with them. These repairs were unexpected, and will take a little time, but will be completed as quickly as possible. Our goal is to have the system back in operation before the temperatures start to rise.

We hate to have to report that some of their equipment was damaged by a child/teen riding a bike in the neighborhood recently. Wires on an expensive piece of equipment were cut. They were not able to identify the individual, as they rode off before anyone could get close enough to see them clearly. We would like to ask that you please be sure your children know to stay away from any holes, or equipment that they may see. If vandalism is reported, the HOA and The Ground Crew will pursue restitution for the damages, as well as criminal charges, if applicable.

Jump In! The Water's..........

.....well, it will probably still be pretty darn chilly. But, the pools in Creek Meadows and The Estates will open for the summer on Tuesday, April 2nd.

-Pool hours are; 3:00pm - 9:00pm Monday and 6:00am - 9:00pm, Tuesday - Sunday

-Both pools will be closed every Monday, until 3:00pm, for cleaning. They may open earlier, if cleaning is complete.

-All key fobs should work normally. As a reminder, if your HOA dues are past due, or if you owe for violations or fines, your key fob is turned off until the account is current.

-Please report any issues or incidents immediately to Brazos Valley Property Management.

-Please review the Pool Violation Schedule HERE.

Public Meeting

We are holding a public meeting for phase II of the Greens Prairie Trail/Greens Prairie Widening Project on February 27th, 2019 @ 6:30 PM in the Forest Ridge Elementary Cafeteria. Phase II widening will extend from Arrington Rd. to just west of Woodlake Dive. You are invited to provide input on the roadway layout, scope and timeline of the project.

Feel free to reach out to me by email or phone if you have any questions.


James Smith, PE

Project Manager

Public Works Department

P.O. BOX 9960 College Station, Texas 77842

Phone: 979-764-3877