Sport and physical activity

Opportunities in sport and recreation:)

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Gedling leisure centre

Exercise classes:


Mind and body classes


Strength and toning classes

Workout in water

Redhill leisure centre


50+ club

Outdoor facilities

Excercise classes

Fitness suite

South glade leisure centre

Carlton forum

Tennis courts near city Hospital

Health and fitness



Life guarding


Theses courses will help you develop core skills and life techniques

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Sport courses

Redhill sport leaders course

The youth sport trust have developed courses to help in key stage 4 to help them improves their leadership skills and further involvement in sport and recreation. This is also leading to their level 1 award in sports leadership. To do this the student must complete several assessment criteria in the course.

The information they gain from this can be followed by courses that will benefit them in there later life. Qualifications gained from this can help you come across volunteer courses that can lead to payed work which will help in later life.

1st4 sport level 1 certificate in football coaching

By Megan,Aimee and sophie