risk management project

Rusty Walter, Mrs, Peterson, small business management

Lisa and Phil`s risk management plan

1. have something that identifies when a credit card is stolen or when a check is bad

2. hire more help

3. get to know their employees more

4. get more people to work after 9 p.m.

5. get a camera system in the front and back

6. get a new alarm system


It`s bad for business when someone uses a bad check or stolen credit card.

So id get a system that will check for that.

Have cashiers check signatures on credit cards.


Its better to have more help on hand than it is to not have enough workers.

For example a waitress at local restaurant was the only person waiting tables and the place Was packed, that`s a lot of work for one person.

If help is light you and Phil could spend some extra time at work.

Another thing you can do is hire more help.


Its always best to get to know your employees.

So you can gain the trust of your employees and understand what kind of feedback to give. Also to see what motivates them.


The business should always be well stocked with workers.

So in case a another employee has to take off work.

Or there is an emergncey at home.


You guys should get a camera system in the front and back.

So in case the night manager forgets to lock the door you can see if someone broke in.

Also to see if anybody is snooping around your business at night.


you should defently improve your alarm system.

because it is getting pretty old.

you guys want something that`s new and something that works corectly.