The Tank Newsletter

November 2nd, 2020

Important Topics:

Colder Weather

Since the weather will be changing soon, we are expecting students to start trying to wear hats and hoodies on campus. Please do not allow students to wear hats or hoodies in your classroom. Admin and security are working very hard to confiscate those items when students are wearing them outside. Please ensure you are implementing AC’s policies in your classroom so that we can have a safe campus.

Keeping grades up to date

Please ensure that you are updating your grade books regularly. As we work to support our students (seniors especially), it is much easier for us to monitor and have crucial conversations with current grades. When no grades are entered, we don't have an accurate picture of where students may be struggling, or just not doing.

Club/Activity Sponsors - TIME SENSITIVE

If you sponsor a club or activity here at AC (AC Band, National Honor Society, Marathon High, etc.) please complete this form by the close of business Tuesday, November 3rd.


Please take your attendance AT THE BEGINNING of the period. We know this is not always the most convenient time of class, but with our current considerations this is crucial. Ensure your attendance is accurate. If a student already has an EXCUSED absence, they should not be present in your class, and you should not make a change to that attendance. Remember, if a student with an excused absence already entered is present in your class, please call for security to escort that student to the main office.

Scholarship Warnings

"Parent Notification: A teacher shall send a scholarship warning/progress report that serves as notification at any time during a grading period when it is apparent that a student may fail or is doing unsatisfactory work that may lead to failure in any course. Scholarship warnings will be distributed through Focus accounts for students and parents. School staff should put forth their best effort to verbally communicate scholarship warnings to students and parents via phone, email or other means to confirm receipt[CBN1] . (See High School - Appendix A.) A student may not receive a grade of “F” if this procedure has not been followed."

Student Progression Plan 2020-2021

Black Partitions

The district is allowing us to remove the black cardboard border from the students' partitions. If you decide to remove the cardboard, please keep the plastic corner piece intact since it holds the partitions together.

PPE Equipment

If you need additional PPE equipment such as wipes, masks, and hand sanitizer, please contact your administrator.

Creating Collaboration during COVID-19

Our district leadership team has shared that we can begin incorporating collaborative strategies in our classrooms. We appreciate everyone being mindful of the health and safety of our students, however, we are excited to transition to activities that allow students to interact (safely). Here are several examples of how you can encourage collaboration in your classroom: placing desks in pairs or groups, gallery walks, turn-and-talks, and jigsaws. Also, if you need additional PPE, please contact your administrator.

Important Dates

  • November 11th Veterans' Day-No School
  • November 17th PTSA Meeting at 5:00 pm
  • November 17th SAC Meeting at 6:00 pm
  • November 19th SDM at 2:30 in the Media Center
  • November 19th Quarter 2 Progress Reports
  • November 25th-27th Thanksgiving Break

Stingray Nation Spotlight

Our Memorial for Ms. James

We are honoring Ms. James by having a stingray sculpture installed in the courtyard. Olivia Warro (ACHS Alumnus) is currently welding the sculpture at UNF. We can't wait to see the final product!

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Professional Development

Online Professional Development Classes

DCPS is now using the Canvas platform as a learning management system for DCPS and Charter school employees. To access Canvas, go to and sign in with your DCPS credentials (similar to how you log onto the computer. Canvas will utilize single-sign on). You will need to copy and paste the URL into your browser.

Navigating Student Growth Scores PD Course

The DAT team is offering sessions to help teachers understand the student growth portion of their evaluation. Please see registration information below.
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November Birthdays

Aburub, Maysoon 02-Nov

Gonzalez, Bonnie 05-Nov

Trawick, Coy 05-Nov

Frencl, Joey 06-Nov

Williams, Nisa 06-Nov

Sands, Jackson 07-Nov

Deuerling, Zachary 08-Nov

Grossheim, Calie 08-Nov

Sobalvarro, Jaime 09-Nov

Regas, Zoe 12-Nov

Hicks, Alexis 18-Nov

Mendez, Shade' 22-Nov

Copeland, Brady 26-Nov

Friendly Reminders

Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesdays are required by FL Ruling 6A-1.094121 and by F.S.S 1003.42 (2)(n). Mental and emotional health instruction is implemented through WW, which takes place on the last instructional Wednesday of each month.

Here are the topics that we will cover this year:

November 18th - Process of Getting Help and for Self and Others

December 16th - Process of Getting Help and for Self and Others

January 27th - What to Say to Peers When They Are Struggling With Mental Disorders

February 24th - What to Say to Peers When They Are Struggling With Mental Disorders

March 31st - Awareness of Resources

April 28th - Awareness of Resources

May 26th - Awareness of Resources

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Morning Rays Daily Announcements

Mr. Cushnir is publishing our daily announcements on Teams.

  • Go to "ACHS Student Central"
  • Click on "Morning Rays" to view the videos.

Please play the morning announcements at 7:10 am daily.

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Clubs and Activities

Encourage your students to be involved on campus. Colleges are expecting their applicants to be well-rounded students. Students should access ACHS Student Central in Teams to learn more.

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Weekly Parent Newsletters

If you would like to see our weekly parent newsletters, please visit the ACHS website and click on the Rays' in Review icon for a direct link.

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