Life Cycle of a Star

By Isaac Jay Braun

A Star has many part of its life.

A star has 8 possible cycles of its life. These phases are Nebula, Star, Red Giant, Planetary Nebula,White Dwarf, Super Nova, Neutron Stars and Black Holes

What is Interstellar Medium?

Interstellar medium is the stuff that fills up space between stars. Its made of Helium, Interstellar Dust, Hydrogen and Interstellar Gas

What Is Equilibrium?

Equilibrium is a state of rest or balance due to equal of opposing forces. These forces are gravity and gas. Gravity pushes inward and Gas pressure pushes outward

Star's Light

A star's light can reveal its composition and this is called spectroscopy. There is also Blue/Red Shifted wavelengths. When a star is Blue/Red Shifted this means that is could be moving aways or moving towards us. This is an example of the Doppler Effect.

Our Elements

Our elements can come from cosmic processes such as the Big Bang, Super Novas, small stars and Large Stars.