Persistence Means Hard Work

Jacquelyn Wyman

Persistence? What's that?

Persistence-Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Persistence is key to lifelong success.

Comparing Walt Disney's Childhood To His Adult Life

When he was younger, Walt Elias Disney's family was ambitious and persistent. (Family goals!) Walt soon inherits those traits for his older life. Even though Walt was considered one of the worst artists in his art classes, he kept going and learning more things to draw. In his adult life, he had the same mindset to achieve his dream of opening an animation studio even though he and his small company had many hardships to get through. That persistence helped him have a very successful life. Because of some money issues, Walt's family had to make him work as a newspaper boy. Every day, he wanted to finish his job early in order to draw, determined to get better and keep at it. This was like when he was older, losing Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and most of his best animators because of some contract rights. If I was going to make a company, (that's a big IF!) and then that would happen to my company, I would most likely give up, close up the business, and work for a major company for a medium pay. You can say I have a lot of persistence in my blood. (Please note the sarcasm in my tone.) Walt was determined to get back on his feet after a major blow from behind.

Although Walt had basically the same mindset throughout his life, he did have some differences, like all of us when we were kids compared to when we were adults. First off, when Walt was an adult, just starting out from losing Oswald, he risked everything, literally everything, to get Mickey Mouse published and to get to theaters. People might not have liked it. I, honestly, would've loved seeing an old-fashioned Mickey Mouse cartoon in theaters. But if that scenario were to happen for Walt and his colleagues, then Walt and his small band of animators would've become bankrupt for sure. Walt would have to close the Disney Brothers Animation Studio, which Roy Disney, Walt's older brother, co-owned. But that didn't happen because of Walt risking it all. Now, compared to that, when he was a little boy, Walt wasn't exactly James Bond. He was exactly the opposite, looking at all other possibilities before taking the big leap. That is how Walt Disney showed similarities and differences as a child and an adult.

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The Process Of Devin's Persistence

Devin is a 12-year-old boy living on a farm with his grandfather in the novel, The One Safe Place. When his grandfather dies, Devin has to do all the work on the farm by himself, which is very hard. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to do that all by myself. Devin tries to do this for a few days, but it just becomes harder and harder to do anything, from getting food, to planting crops, to feeding the animals. He then leaves the farm to go to the city, where he meets many other children just like him, living on the streets alone. It is almost as hard as running a farm by himself, to live with only one other companion, Kit, amongst the hundreds of people, trying to get food and proper shelter when it rains. Which the raining is very rare, by the way, because they are stuck in the middle of a drought. The rain, when it comes, is a very long and heavy rainfall. I would go out right when the little drizzles start to come, open my mouth, and get free water. There you go. Free water. I should get a Nobel Prize for this. A heavy dose of persistence has to be given to Devin, Kit, and all the other suffering kids living in the city. This hard living goes on for a few weeks, until an act of kindness earns Devin and Kit a spot at the Gabriel H. Penn House For Childhood.

This Home, this all-knowing Home, looks like a paradise, filled with toys, endless food, and even a swimming pool in the drought-sickened land. I would really like to be there, if only it didn't come with a price. What actually happens behind the scenes is that the children are being experimented on, swapping minds with the Visitors, the elderly people who come to watch the kids, becoming one of them for a few days. The elderly in the kids bodies act very strange, only the kids don't know they are swapped, so they call it the Dream because they feel like they are in a dream while this happens. Being in the Dream hurts, and it is hard to do anything because they are suddenly old, so they have to have a lot of persistence and perseverance in order to get through it. I would hide when they call my name to go to the Place to become a Visitor instead of a little kid. Once Devin, Kit and a few other kids they are friends with find out what the evil Administrator is doing, they decide they have to get out, along with all the other children coming along too. The only problem is that the Home is locked down like a fortress. Figuring out how to unlock the security posts without the Administrator and staff knowing is very difficult, with riddles, timed codes, and lots of adventure. The persistence these children have is key to getting what they need, freedom. Even though you may not need to get out of a security fortress from evil's grasp, persistence is the way to go.

The Problems Maxcy Filer Goes Through, And His Solutions.

Maxcy Filer is a man who had to take a college exam 48 times until he passed. What kept him going through those years of endless labor? What kept him reaching for his goal, thinking 'maybe this time I will make it'? Persistence. Persistence kept him going through those hard years of getting letter after letter saying "Sorry. Better luck next time." Maxcy's only problem wasn't that he didn't know what he was taking a test on, or that he was stupid. His problem was that he was a bad test-taker. His writing wasn't his strong subject, as his kids would say. His oldest kids took the test with him one time, passing on the first try, where he had to try many more times to get in. I can not imagine what it would be like, to get rejected over and over again. He told himself, 'Every time I pick up this piece of paper, I am taking this test for the first time.' It seemed to help him each time.

Another one of his solutions to fix this major problem was that he kept on trying and trying. To me, taking the same exact test multiple times every year would get very boring and repetitive. He could have just memorized the answers, right? Anyways, on his 48th try, he passed. When he got the letter, he assumed it was another letter saying 'You were so close! Try again!' So, Maxcy just tossed the letter on top of the mantle, where the rest of the unopened letters were. It wasn't until a few hours later that the letter was opened. His oldest son, getting home from work, (That Maxcy would've been at if he passed) decided to open the new letter, just for the heck of it. Expecting the usual, sorry, next time type of letter, surprised, he saw a 'Congratulations!' at the top. He couldn't believe it! Maxcy himself had even a harder time believing it because he has been taking that stinking test for over 20 years. If that was me, I would drive over to the college asking if this was addressed right. Now, to wrap this up, this is only one of the many reasons why persistence should be your best friend.

The Causes And Effects Of Keevan's Life

12-year-old Keevan is the smallest person his age he knows. That doesn't really come in handy when he is a candidate for being a Dragon-rider. That is the cause of this major fiasco. While the candidates are waiting for the Dragons to hatch, Keevan and the other candidates go to the hatching ground to pet the dragons, hoping this will make it easier for them to impress a dragon. Keevan pretends to go pet and stroke a green egg before they hatch, not getting his hopes up for the best one, the one and only bronze dragon egg. And also so he will not be made fun of even more for going big or going home. But secretly, after everyone is going back home, he goes over and talks to and pets the bronze egg, not knowing that this will be his after a few short days. Also, he constantly gets made fun of for his size. It even gets to the point where he gets hurt, with a broken leg and cracked skull. Now because of his injuries, he wasn't able to be there when the dragons are hatching. Keevan is very determined to get there before time runs out, even when all the odds are stacked against him. Some odds include: him being one of the 72 candidates when there are only 40 dragons, how people consider him a wimp, considered someone who doesn't really try a lot, and lastly the hatching ground being very far away from the hospital, where Keevan rests. Keevan's community doesn't even get proper care because they are living when dragons aren't extinct, a long time ago in a fantasy land. If that were me, I would wait till next year because then I wouldn't get made fun of as much. Once he persists and gets to the field, Keevan actually gets the best dragon there, a bronze dragon. That is how persistence can help you reap the rewards after long years of hard work.

What Did Eleanor Roosevelt Persist In?

Eleanor Roosevelt persisted in many things, as a child and an adult. When she was younger, Eleanor was born into a wealthy family. You may think this is awesome, but her family had high expectations for her and thought she was an "ugly duckling." She also was devoted to getting the proper respect and love she needed from her parents, taken away from her because of her physical features. Young Eleanor would constantly be doing the chores and favors for everyone in her family. When she became a teenager, she was sent to a boarding school for her high school. While she was there, her self-confidence sky-rocketed and Eleanor persisted in keeping a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. When she came back home for the remainder of her high school, her self-esteem suffered. She once again became the ugly duckling.

Then, it happened. Eleanor Roosevelt fell in love with her fifth cousin, once removed. He was named Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They had a happy marriage, but once Eleanor caught Franklin with another girl, things went downhill. More and more unfortunate things happened to the couple, but Eleanor didn't want to give up. But then Franklin became The President Of The United States. Eleanor was thrilled. She was finally going to be able to get her mind across and make equal rights for everyone in the US. After all, the United States is supposed to be the land of the free.

What happened next is one of the worst things to ever happen to Eleanor, but might've been the best thing to ever happen to her. Franklin caught the deadly disease during that time called Polio. Other politics urged him and Eleanor to give up, retire to a country home. Franklin almost agreed to do so. But you know what, Eleanor said no. She convinced Franklin to not give up, to be persistent. He became paralyzed from the waist down, causing him needing to be out of the public eye and not able to travel places to do speeches. Eleanor suddenly had more of a public life, being Franklin's "legs and eyes." That helped her even more to get her thoughts across for a more equal life-style for everyone. That was only the few of the many things Eleanor Roosevelt persisted in throughout her life.


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