American "Truth"

Examination of American "Truth" Through Art


You and your group are going to create a flyer detailing the story shown in the piece of art you are assigned. After viewing the 13 paintings of the Revolutionary Era, you will complete the following for one painting.
  1. You will create a flyer using You will have to set up an account to get started.
  2. Name your flyer a creative title
  3. Insert a picture of your piece of art with the title and date
  4. Complete each box for artist bio, art critique, happening truth, story truth, and war stories as detailed below.
  5. Once your group has finished your smore flyer, you will submit your link in the comments of this original flyer at the bottom of the page.
    Be sure to write the names of the authors for each section.

Name of your piece here:

Artist Bio By: ____________________________

  • Artists Bio: You will provide background information on your artist. It will be important to note the era they are from, personal background, etc.

Art Critique By: ____________________________

  • Art Critique: Using the verbiage we use to discuss art in class, this section will deliver a clear examination of the artwork. You will need to provide detailed examples as if you are creating this image for your readers.

Story Truth By: ____________________________

  • Story Truth: The first section will create the "Story Truth" for your painting. Remember, as O'Brien taught us, story truth will be able to make us feel the story as it is happening. This story should evoke emotion from the reader. It might be helpful to take on the persona of an individual in the event.

Happening Truth By: ____________________________

  • Happening Truth: In contrast, for this section, your group will research the event illustrated by the artist in order to create the "Happening Truth". This piece will reflect a factual retelling of events as it is seen in history. You and your group-mates will be outsiders looking in.

War Story By: ____________________________

  • War Story: You and your group-mates will read through O'Brien's excerpt about war stories. You will re-examine your painting and create the story of war told from your artist's work.