Climate Change vs Mountain Gorillas

The Cause And Effect

What Is Climate Change?

Climate change is a change in global climate patterns, due to this the earths heat levels are rising. Because of the rising heat, a bunch of different natural disasters have happened and animals, such as Mountain Gorillas, are put in danger.
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The Destructive Effects of Climate Change [MyHero Festival Winner!]

What Will Happen to the Mountain Gorillas?

In 2011 research by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization predicted that the vegetation in mountain gorilla habitat will be dramatically altered by climate change. Warming temperatures will push certain plant species further up the mountains leaving the gorillas, which spend most of their days foraging, with fewer food sources. The Mountain Gorilla population is already at an extraordinary 750 gorillas. At the rate of food shortage and climate change in the mountains will decrease this number at a constant decrease until there is no longer any Mountain Gorillas left. If we don't put a stop on climate change we may never see these animals again!