Charlie's Convict Register

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Joseph Buckley

Joseph Buckley Was on Charlotte For stealing 42 shillings, he was transported for 7 years
at age 40. He had no job and left NSW in 1793.

William Davis

William Davis was transported for 7 years for stealing a sheep for 48 shillings. He origianally supposed to be hanged. He was transported on friendship at age 57 which is old in those times. His ocupation was a Tailor.

Phebe Flarty

Phebe Flarty was transported on the prince of wales for stealing clothing to the value of 30 shillings and was transported for 7 years of transportation. She was transported at age 15 in May 1787. Pheobe died in 1817 with no occupation.

William Connelly

William Connelly was sentenced in 3 Feb 1785 to transportation for 7 years on Alexander for stealing clothing at and unknown value. He was 26 at the time (May 1787) and had no occupation. He left NSW in 1793.

William Hogg

William Hogg was sentenced to transportation for 14 years for forgery in April 21 1784. He was transported on Scarborough at age 39 in may 1787. His occupation was a silversmith. He died in 1795 by commiting suicide.

James Cox

James Cox was Was sentenced to transportation for life for burgulary to the value of 84 shillings, He was origionally sentenced to death and left England on Charlotte in May 1787 at age 27. He had no occupation and died in 1971 after getting captured by attempting to escape with William Bryant