Stephen King's: IT

by: Stephen King

About the book:

Stephen Kings: IT takes place in Derry,Maine. The novel is mainly about how a group of kids; the main protagonist being Bill Denborough, who deal with the haunting fear of a figure of a clown that targets them every 28 years when IT comes out to feed. The story takes place from when they were adolescents and goes into their forties; when IT returns. IT is a great, but advanced novel that can be quite confusing at times. A movie was also made about the novel after it was created.

Antagonist: Pennywise the Clown "IT"

Pennywise is the antagonist in the novel. "IT" is a creature responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of children to whom of which over the years lived in Derry, Maine. "IT" takes a "form" when it feeds so it can remain udetected,and gather its victims. IT is portrayed as Pennywise in in the book because he can lure in children with flamboyant colors and fake charm. This was such a good disguise for the creature that when it returned 30 years later it remained in this "form".

Protagonist: Bill Denborough

Bill is the protagonist in the story. On a rainy day in April in the 1960's, Bills brother,Georgie, fell victim to IT on the very street in which he lived. Since then, Pennywise tortured Bill and his friends, usually by making them almost "hallucinate" terrible things, such as seeing Georgies ghost, or seeing Pennywise in a public area and no one else can see him besides Bill and his friends. In the book, Bill seeks revenge for his brothers death, and is assited by his friends to end the evil reign of "IT".


I think this book can relate to old Greek mythology because Bill is a hero and is on a "quest" for revenge for his brother. Most Greek myths have a quest that usually ends with a happy ending. This is one of those stories. Also, in the book, "IT" is almost symbolized as the devil and Bill gets advice how to kill IT from the Turtle, who is almost a god.

Final Review/Comments:

I think that overall this is a fantastic book. I recommend it to anyone who likes horror and adventure novels. Also, i think Greek Myths connect with modern day literature because usually the story has a problem, the hero has to go on an adventure or quest, and either something good or bad will happen in the end. I think all modern day writing evolved from this basic storyline setup.
Stephen King's IT Trailer (1990)