Thomas Keller

Karla Delgado

Here is a short Biography of Thomas Keller

For my "Chef Entrepreneur presentation project" I decided to do my project on Thomas Keller. Thomas Keller is an American chef,restaurateur and cookbook writer he is one of the top 10 most famous chefs around the world. He was born in October 14,1955 in Oceanside,California. His culinary skills perhaps come from the fact that his mother Betty Keller was a restaurateur herself and she employed her son Thomas Keller.His parents got divorced when Thomas was a young boy. He moved with his mother to Palm Beach, Florida where as a teenager he worked as a dishwasher first and then moved up to as a cook in Palm Beach Yacht Club.He explored his passion for cooking after his first professional stint with cooking at his job. He decided to take his job more seriously so he decide to move to Rhode Island to work as a cook at a restaurant.When Thomas was working in Rhode Island he met Roland Henin a French Master Chef.Roland asked Thomas to cook staff meals at the Dunes Club.After passing all his tests Henin taught him the basics of classical French cooking. As soon as Keller knew all the basics things he moved to various restaurants in Florida until he found the best place for him in La Rive in New York.There Keller had the opportunity to show off himself he built smokehouses to cure meats and he developed relationships with local livestock purveyors and he learned how to cook entrails and offal from his guide Henin. In 1987 he decide to open his own restaurant he decided to name it "Rakel". It was a refined and expensive fresh cuisine restaurant that mainly severed the elite class of New York. Rakel only received two-star review from the New York Times so he decided to turn Rakel into a simple bistro.His restaurant wasn't good enough for him so he decided to handed it over to his partner. In 1994 Keller finally purchased his dream restaurant and he worked hard to make it into a success.Over the next few years his restaurant "The French Laundry" received many awards - the James Beard Foundation , the Michelin Guide,etc.After he saw that his restaurant "The French Laundry" was a success he opened another restaurant with his brother Joseph Keller in 1998 they named it "Bouchon" it was designated to serve reasonably price French bistro type of food. He opened a bakery right next to that restaurant which they named it "Bouchon Bakery".Years later he established a famous cook and restaurateur,Keller published his first cookbook "The French Laundry Cookbook " it won three international association of culinary professionals award of the year. Besides being inducted into culinary hall of fame, Keller has won "Chevalier in the French Legion of Honor" Restaurants magazines top 50 restaurants of the worlds lifetime achievements" Outstanding wine service award" by James Beard Foundation. But the most substantial work of Keller life is considering to be the setting up of his French fine dining restaurant "The French Laundry" in 1994 it earned him the success and recognition that was a kick-started his cooking career. In 2009 Keller became engaged to his longtime girlfriend Laura Cunningham which shes also the formal manager at the French Laundry.