Snapshot - Remote Learning Edition


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are exceptionally proud of the resilience and flexibility that is being continually demonstrated by our students, adapting to a different style of learning. We will be sharing the achievements of our students each week, and will be celebrating those who put in exceptional effort or achieve particularly well with their remote learning.

Year 7 Head of Year Nominations and Lessons Stars

Miss Buffini has nominated the following students:

Sebastien, Emily F, Hollie W. Alex Z. Trafford McG, Johann A and Crystal for their consistent hard work. Also nominated for their kindness and helpfulness are Maisie P, Kinga K and Klaudia W. Mia-Brooke sent a lovely picture to Miss Buffini and made her smile!

Lessons Stars:

Trafford 7CO, Evie 7ST, Jennifer 7ST, Tanesha 7ST and Miller 7TU.

Year 7 Nominations

Mrs Feeley has nominated the following students for exceptional effort in the PE challenges:

From 7ST, Stefan, Amelia, Evie, Jennifer, Orla, Crystal, Charlie, Tanesha and Joel. In 7CU, Johann, Gabija. Mauricio. Amelie, Georgia, Anthony, Aleksandra, Jamie, Emily and Alicja. Pictured below are examples or work from Jamie S and Ana Maria.

Also nominated for great DT work are Lily, Junior, Gabrielle, Maisie, Olivia, Jayden W, Klaudia, Rares, Emily, Kinga and Max (7SW).

Mrs Sahota has nominated Tyler (7TA) for wonderful independent learning in Spanish on the topic of Valentine's (an example of Tyler's work is below). Well done! Also nominated are

Ruby H, Joanna C and Nikola S (7TA) for some beautiful and creative Valentine cards produced in Spanish.

Miss Gilbert has nominated EJ and Nayon (7CA) for their continued commitment within Geography throughout lockdown which has been shown through their excellent work that they have both submitted. Also nominated is Sebastien (7ST) who has shown continuous commitment to his Geography through excellent work submissions in home learning, especially this week with his work on Deindustrialisation.

Mrs Vaghadia would like to say well done to Beatrice and Ognjen (7SI) for excellent pieces of Art work, pictures are below.

Mrs Firmin would like to say well done to 7CO and 7TU for some amazing ice-cream drawings especially Vanessa, Willaim, Dylan Hallett, Henley, Peter, and Patryk who have all shown a big improvement. There were some excellent examples of technical rendering on design ideas, with a special mention for Courtney F, Lois, Fraya, Emily I, Trafford, Nicole K, Ayren, Blanka, Mateus D, Lubo, Henley, and Miller.

Mrs Morgan would like to say well done to Tomi, Kjay, Rhys and Gabija for great Art work.

Mr Strumpher has nominated Lubo, Veronica and Miller (7TU), Courtney, Filip, Lois, Nikole M, Trafford (7CO) and Ivan (7SW) for excellent work in Computer Science.

Miss Jenkins and Miss Patrick have made the following nominations this week:

7TE did particularly well this week, composing their own beat-box rhythms. This class were also brilliant at drawing notes on the whiteboards at the end of the lesson. Extra special mentions to Lara and Finn for their outstanding effort!

Kinga from 7SW has taken particular pride in her presentation of the work she completed on paper. This is great to see! Picture below.

In Drama with Miss Patrick 7SI were creating their own set designs for a theatre production of ‘Tangled’. Miss Jenkins received some brilliant work from this class – including some really detailed pictures, well done! Beatrice and Addison deserve a special mention for writing about their ideas in great detail.

Year 8 Head of Year Nominations and Lesson Stars

Mr Cox has nominated Evan (8TE) for excellent engagement in all tasks.

Lesson Stars:

Joshua 8TE, Olivia 8TE, Maya 8TE, Mariyah 8SW, Miranda 8TE, Rhys 8TE, Chloe 8ST, Max 8CA, Rene 8CA, Stas 8CO, Ollie 8CO, KItty 8CO, Kacper L 8CA, Dominik O 8CO, Paula 8CO, Isabella 8CO and Oliver 8SW.

Year 8 Nominations

Miss Bird has nominated Miranda C who has been consistently excellent in art, both before and during lockdown. She never fails to wow Miss Bird with her individual and creative take on different artist styles.

Mr Gourlay has nominated Ana and Georgiana (8ST) for their superb technical responses to their Computer Science assessment this week!

Mrs Firmin has nominated Louisa S , 8TE for fabulous jam making, picture below.

Miss Gilbert has nominated Miranda (8TE) who has shown continued effort and excellent work all term including before and during lockdown. Miranda attempts all work with a positive attitude, and is able to complete work to a high standard. Well done Miranda!

Miss Hankins has nominated Esosa and Ellouise for making their own bread from scratch, pictures are below. Esosa also made tuna pasta which looked amazing.

Miss Arshad would like to say well done to Isabella for her excellent creative writing this week. She has interesting and imaginative language choices and varied sentence structures to describe Pip's initial impression of Miss Havisham from Great Expectations and create a Gothic atmosphere.

Miss Tooms has nominated Harry E for continuously handing in excellent assignments in Science.

Mrs Morgan has nominated Nadia, Rene, Lily and Mya for excellent collage work in Art.

Mr Strumpher would like to say well done to Max B and Weronika for submitting excellent work in Computer Science.

Miss Jenkins has nominated Thomas and Mariyah (8SW) and Marian, Alfie and Freddie (8TE) for creating great chord sequences in Music this week using Bandlab online.

Year 9 Head of Year Nominations and Lesson Stars

Mrs Morgan would like to say well done to Alex B, Kacper B, Melissa and Ana who consistently work hard in all their lessons, keep up the good work!

Lesson Stars:

Myrtle 9TA, Dylan C 9TA, Ana 9SW, Ella C 9SW, Ruben 9SW, Faith 9CA, Hasan 9SW, Rhia 9TE, Amie-Leigh 9CO, Tanya 9TE, Melissa 9SW, Isla 9TA and Corina 9SW.

Year 9 Nominations

Mrs Vaghadia has nominated Mya A, Sarah R and Victoria (9ST) for fantastic Art work.

Miss Gilbert has nominated Chanelle (9ST), Chanelle completed an excellent submission on Counterurbanisation within Geography showing great knowledge and effort throughout. Well done Chanelle!

Mrs Firmin has nominated Ella C for some fabulous Art work inspired by the artist DAIN, picture is below. Also nominated are 9TE/CO/SW, these groups had an assessment this week and Mrs Firmin was extremely impressed overall with their efforts. They all worked hard and displayed some excellent knowledge, in particular Kai, Emma, Cj, Ella D, Meliisa S, Ana L, and Amie, who all scored 28/30 or above.

Miss Tooms has nominated Dylan C for his excellent contributions in Biology and for carrying out his own independent research into an area of interest to him.

Mrs Morgan has nominated Corina T, Melissa, Alex and Leo for great Art work.

Mr Strumpher has nominated Gabriela C, Izabella, Nikola K, Courtney M (9CO), Kacper, CJ, Ellie, Mason, Emily and Olivia (9TE) for excellent work in Computer Science.

Miss Hankins has nominated Kirsten for his excellent DT work, to build a robot, a picture of his work is below.

Miss Williams has nominated Dylan C and Theo who completed a bike ride as part of their PE lesson, pictured below is their healthy selfie, well done to you both!

Miss Jenkins has made the following Music nominations this week:

9SW – Thomas, Kent, Melissa, Keira and Ella did particularly well describing a ‘skank’ rhythm.

9TE – Harvey, Timotheous, Dexter and Euan all put in outstanding effect throughout the lesson!

9CO – Nikodem for excellent, very quick answers on the virtual mini whiteboard quiz about Reggae.

Year 10 Head of Year Nominations and Lesson Stars

Mrs Feeley has made the following nominations this week:

Gabriela M, Alicja M, Olivia N, Gus S, Avantica, Abigail, Alfie H, Thomas, Jenna, Holly, Chloe, Oscar and Lexi for excellent work across all subject areas, Avantica for fantastic work in sports science, David S for superb work in English this week, Cody P for excellent work in Drama and Courtney H for outstanding work in Maths and MFL.

Lesson Stars:

Holly 10CO, Gabriela M 10TA, Gus 10TA, Oscar S 10TA and Andrew 10CO.

Year 10 Nominations

Mrs Brown is very impressed with her Year 10 group who have been working on the poem "Remains", pictured below are extracts from Oscar S, Lexi and Chloe S, well done!

Mrs Rice and the English team would like to nominate Year 10 for working hard on their Speaking and Listening speeches this term and for creating some wonderfully thoughtful speeches. We have been really impressed with all of their hard work and effort.

Ms Hallybone would like to say well done to Abigail, Jack, Jenna, Holly and Oliwia in 10CO for outstanding engagement reports. In Drama with Ms Hallybone students are learning about semiotics, and students were asked to find an object in their house and explain what it could symbolise on the stage. Ms Hallybone was really impressed by everyone’s submissions and would particularly like to share amazing work by Brian Brogan, pictured below.

Ms Hallybone has also nominated 10B1 English for fantastic contributions during live lessons, writing great speeches, and making a brilliant start to poetry revision this week.

Mrs Firmin has nominated Alfie H who has had a phenomenal weekend of cooking. Following a marmalade demonstration in his lesson Alfie has made, jam, scones, fried chicken and focaccia bread (pictures below). He has demonstrated amazing skills worthy of his GCSE exam already. A really impressive effort, and certainly a future chef in the making!

Also nominated are the Food Science students who have been continuing to work hard with applying their knowledge and persevering with some difficult concepts - those deserving a special mention are Danielle, Katie, Alfie, Ellie, Denisa, Leila, Lexi, Hendrik, Cerys, Courtney, Gus, Jack, Daniel, Bethany, Jayme-Lei and Brandon W.

Miss Gilbert has nominated Daniel C and Samuel C for their amazing work in home learning and continued effort throughout. Also nominated Tearlach and Luke R who have shown great contribution throughout all the live lessons for Geography by providing answers, and asking interesting questions. Keep up the hard work!

Mr Harris has nominated Avantika and Alex for excellent work produced and showing a great commitment to improving their cultural knowledge in RSCS and Milana, Chloe, Alex, Thomas and Holly for producing excellent work and excellent attempts at the 8 mark assessment in History!

Miss Tooms would like to say well done to Zofia for her continuous contributions in Science to live lessons and her positive work ethic.

Mrs Morgan has nominated Jenna, Brandon W, Thomas, Holly, Hallie, Neave, Daisy, Ellie I, Josie and Sophie for excellent Art work.

Year 11 Head of Year Nominations and Lesson Stars

Miss Arshad would like to say well done to Year 11 for their hard work and to the students below for their excellent contributions in lessons and high quality work.

Lesson Stars:

Shay 11ST, Sunny 11TE, Sonny 11ST, Arnas 11CA, Sam 11CA, Liam 11ST, Carmen 11TE, Klaudia 11CA, Thomas 11TE, Kiero 11TE, Tamiska 11TE, Jude 11TE, Ashley 11ST and Lukas 11TE.

Year 11 Nominations

Ms Hallybone has nominated Marli and Brooke for consistently working hard in their English literature lessons.

To start their unseen poetry unit in English with Mrs Brown, students were asked to choose a poem they enjoyed, or that resonated with them. Sam C not only did this but also completed a fantastic linguistic analysis of aspects which reads like A level work! (pictured below).

Mr Harris would like to say well done to Summer, Mya, Grace, Lucas, Joel, Sonny, Darci for continually producing thorough and detailed work and excellent contributions in the History live lessons.

Mrs Morgan would like to say well done to her Art students who are all working hard and producing amazing pieces of Art work.

Year 12

Lesson Stars this week are:

Jack H, Oliver M, Eimantas, Morgan F, Dylan M, Debony and Lee.

Music Competition Winners!

Eight Students from our Year 7 Music Technology club were shortlisted for the NMPAT film music competition this year. The competition was supported by Screen Northants who provided the film clips. During their time in Music Technology club, the students worked on Garageband on the Mac computers to compose their own musical scores for a video clip from a local production of Macbeth. These were then submitted for judging by two professional composers. Benjamin Till and Fiona Brice both grew up in Northamptonshire and attended lessons and county groups with NMPAT, and they have both gone on to be highly successful composers. Benjamin Till has written music for the BBC and has also composed award winning musicals. Fiona Brice writes orchestral arrangements for various artists and has toured and recorded with several major pop and rock acts, including Placebo, Kanye West, Sugababes, Boy George, Westlife and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

On Tuesday evening, the students attended a virtual awards ceremony, in which the finalists were all congratulated, and ‘presented’ with certificates of achievement. It was then announced that 3 pieces in the KS3 categories would be premiered in the event – two of which were from CTS! We eagerly awaited the announcement at the end of the section, and were thrilled when it was announced that Liam K had achieved a ‘highly commended’ and Abbie U had won the KS3 County music competition prize! Abbie won £75 in vouchers, but most valuable were the comments from the judges.

Here were some comments on Abbie’s composition:

‘’A very effective underscore that conveyed psychological tension”

“The heart beat was a neat device that shaped the music well”

“Really sensitive response – very promising! You have an implicit understanding of writing for film”

And here’s some comments on Liam’s piece:

‘You responded well to the action”

“A sensitive and grown up approach”

“It was subtle and left a lot of space for the dialogue”

Well done to William C, Logan B, Ellie-Leigh W, Duru K, Ava M and Max K for making the finals.

We are very proud of all of you and hope you continue to pursue your musical talents as you move through the school.

Assembly Music Video:

As last week was Children’s Mental Health Awareness week, and the theme was ‘express yourself’, some of our students decided to put together a performance of ‘Jerusalemo’ during their break times. They were taught the dance from a social distance by two of our year 8 boys and cheered on by the staff. A short version was posted on Twitter, and the full production was shared as our music video in assembly this week. Click on the link to see it for yourselves