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Can you use decimals in place value?

The decimal numeration system is based on base ten, Each position in a number has a value that is a power of why 10. A decimal is a piece of a whole number.

What is place value?

Place value is the basis of our entire number system. A place value system is one of which the position of a digit in a number determines its value.

How do you use place value?

If you need you need to find out the place value of 345, you need to start with the 3 so the place value of it would be in the hundreds. And if you wanted to find out the place value of the tens place it would be 40. And the value of the ones place would be 5.

How do you use commas in place value?

Commas are used in place value to separate each unit (thousands unit, millions unit etc.)

By: Hailey Derringer, Jeremiah Davis

5th Grade Math - Understanding Place Value