where to go

zombies are here

rocky mountains

This is one f the places to go when zombies attack. you should go there because zombies will have a hard time trying to climb up the huge mountain. but you in the other hand are still alive and can still run. also you could see if the zombies are coming and you ca camp up there and no one will know you are there. but the bad thing is that if the zombies climb all the way up to you where you are and kill you. also because all of the rocks will probably trip you and you will fall of the mountain and die. I will give this place 9 out of 10
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basin and range

basin and range is the third best place to be at during a zombie apocalypse because there is a bunch of hills and the hills will help you hide behind. The bad thing is that you could fall and hurt your self and the zombies will eat you. I will give this place 7 out of 10.
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coastal plain

coastal plain is the second best place to go to because there is a ocean. The reason why its a good thing is because you could find some food and water and a boat. The boat will help you go across the entire ocean and be safe on the other side of the earth. The bad thing is that if you don't find the supplies you need you will die. 9 out of 10
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