Digital vs. Analog Computers

A Comparison


When: mid-1900s to late-1900s

Where: Turret targeting devices, Norden bombsight

Why: The world needed automated calculations to create faster and accurate machinery.

For: Automatic advanced calculations.

Who: Mihailo Petrović

How: Created using simple circuits and transistors to create many simple operations.


When: mid-1900s to today.

Where: Almost everywhere.

Why: The world advanced from analog computers to even more complex computers that can calculate many things at once.

For: More automatic advanced calculations.

Who: John Vincent Atanasoff

How: Created using advanced circuits and chipboards to create an advanced computer.

Why Digital Computers Are Better

Using modern technology allows for digital computers to calculate faster and allow for more versatility and many things can be achieved using modern computer technology. However, analog computers are made of simple ingredients that were high tech of their time, but this means they are very limited in their capacity to calculate and are not very versatile.


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