Archive War

Sam Houston

After the capital was moved from Houston, Mexico staged several raids near Austin ( the capital ). Sam Houston wanted to move the archives to be removed from Austin. Some Austin residents didn't want this to happen. They thought Sam Houston was moving the the capital back to Houston. He was only trying to move the archives from Austin. Sam Houston said "We are trying to save the archives, not move the capital back to Houston."

Texas Capital, Austin (TX)

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Angelina Eberly

When soldiers were moving the archives in wagons from Austin to Houston, Angelina Eberly fired a cannon at them to stop them from moving the archives. A shot hit the general office, but there was no no real damage, and no one got hurt. The men then left quickly leaving the archives in Austin. Angelina Eberly was considered an Austin,Texas hero in the archives war. Angelina Eberly said " The capital should stay in Austin, you should't try to move our capital!"

After the war

The city of Austin was deserted, but the archives were still there. They were saved. The committee then admonished Sam Houston for trying to move the archives back to Houston with out the approval of the Congress. In 1843 the Senate that the archives should be moved if they didn't have peace with Mexico.