Bullets and Ballots

Who will rule??

By: Emily McSheehy

Groups Invloved

Shifting Power

The power shifted mostly between the Army and Wealthy and the Guatemalan Gurrialas, although the peasents gained power and the government lost (and gained) some of its power. The US basically won the game and they always had the advantage because (for now at least) they're the most powerful nation in the world. Shifting of power could be a positive or negative thing, both of these were shown in this simulation. For example a positive outcome of possessing power is being able to do good for the people you have power over. But power often corrupts those who posses it, causing them to get greedy and power hungry.

Conflict vs. Peace

There were many different examples of violent and peaceful solutions for the goverment problems. During some months the GGG attacked the Army and Wealthy while others they were peaceful. Some murders or "silences" occured, and in the end Guatemala was invaded by the US for a military strike to "fix" government issues.

John Mellencamp - Peaceful World

Relating to REAL Life

I'm going to relate this situation to my sister Katy and I, we fight a lot! usually about who gets to use the computer, tv, and who gets to go where and do what. The majority of the time we fight about electronics, just like counties fight for power.