Vector's Out Of His Swamp For Love

By: Brandon Lowe

Vector, Ready For Action!

Check your crocs tonight because if you're looking for love, then come over and swing at Vector's crib tonight at 5 for the croco king himself, Vector baby! Heh heh...You won't even see me coming, i'm like a creature in the shadows, crawling up and then BAM! There I am, but it's cool if you don't like surprises baby, it's all good.

Hey i'm Vector the crocodile, But you can call me Crocker from Fairy Odd Parents because i'm not crazy for faries, i'm crazy for you! I guess i'm a reptile cause I have a high REP into swooning the ladies! Also another thing babe, they say i'm cold blooded but if you're hanging out with me, you'll definitely feel warm-blooded.

I'm thinking of another deadly mammal such as myself! I heard of this Black Mamba snake in Africa. And from what I seen, that thing is mad fast yo! And fast+extremely deadly= the perfect girl for me!

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