Nieva and the Secret Starfish


Nieva and the Secret Starfish!

A very long time ago there was a god named Nivea she was very beautiful and was the god of all the sea creatures. Nivea lived at the bottom of the ocean in an amazing castle! She even has this secret starfish none can get it. All of the sea creatures she watches are very nice and show very much respect to her. One day Nievia had a baby, as soon the baby was born she could talk as good as a 17 year old girl. Nievia named her baby Stella. On a Saturday morning Stella went on one of her morning swims around the castle. She came across this really awesome dolphin she saw him she invited him to the castle.

Stella brought the dolphin to the castle. Nievia was so excited to have a new member. She told Stella ,Give him a tour of the castle.” Stella said”OK”, and did as she said. They went around the whole castle and finally came to this door. “What does that go to !” The dolphin asked. “I don’t know my mom won’t let me go in there,lets move on.” Steall replied. “k”. Dolphin said back.

That night in the castle all the dolphins and sea creatures fell asleep except for the new one,Dolphin. Dolphin remembered exactly where the door was He slowly opened it. As he opened it two guards ran by. Dolphin hid. After they left he went into the room! “Wow, this must be the secret starfish well not anymore. I’m going to tell the whole sea.”

In the morning like usual Nievia went to check on the starfish.It wasen’t there. She soon put tons and I mean tons of papers out on the corral. The guards went out looking. Finally at midnight they had found out Dolphin had stole it.

that morning they told Nievia .She had to have Dolphin leave. He could never come back! Now all of the guards deep in the sea are still guarding that starfish. So never ever go to the bottom of the sea looking for starfish because you might end up with the secret starfish!

The End!