South Dakota Background Check

South Dakota Public and Arrest Records.

Finding Court and Public Records in South Dakota.

Is there a good reason why people should know how to do a background check in South Dakota. The technology we use these days makes searching public records very fast and easy. So when it comes to certain things in life and background check is a no brainier. It's hard to really know a person with a meeting or a phone conversation. So checking someones historic past can give us a better ideas as to who were dealing with.

Can finding records in South Dakota be done for free. Because of modern freedom of information laws pretty much every state has a way to check public records. As to the cost and how easy it is will depend on the state. I will say this. Using local records great because they are direct but keep in mind they are only coming from a single state or agency. In addition to the local search which are great and nationwide records scan should be done. To do that go to and try the people scan to see if any records might exist in and out of South Dakota.

South Dakota Background Check

South Dakota Public Records Laws.

Disputes regarding public records are subject to an administrative proceeding governed primarily by the Office of Hearing Examiners, a separate agency of state government. The statutes referring to the public records dispute process can be found at SDCL 1-27-38 through 1-27-43.

South Dakota Public Record Agencies.

South Dakota Court Records: South Dakota Unified Judicial System (UJS) Record Search. South Dakota has a statewide record search program. CRIMINAL cases are available, unless sealed, on the UJS system from 1989 to present. CIVIL cases, unless confidential or sealed, are available from 2003 to present. Active money judgments are available for the past 20 years and inactive money judgments from April 19, 2004 to present -

South Dakota Criminal and Arrest Records: This database contains public information on felony offenders sentenced to the Department of Corrections. This information includes South Dakota offenders sentenced to prison. Information on offenders sentenced to county jail, probation, or any other form of supervision is not included -

South Dakota Vital Records: South Dakota vital records filed after 1905 are available. Many birth records for events occurring before 1905 were filed later and are in the system. For births older than 100 years, visit our searchable database -