Bucolo’s Beachcomber News

Weeks of November 20 and 27, 2017

Important dates!

November Dates

20th Red Ribbon Wear Hats

21st Red Ribbon Wear Sweats

30th Skate Night

December Dates

1st Make-up Picture Day

5th Progress Reports

19th Early Release 11:30 am

20th Holiday begins through January 1st.

Important Information

*Livebinder support for additional practice outside of school. http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1326906#anchor


Fill My Pail

From Mrs. Bucolo:

Thank you to Mallory's family for a gift card donation for supplies! Thank you to Alyssa's family for mints to get our minds working.

From the class...

Joshua was caught paying attention by a classmate. Alyssa is considered a caring and loving by a classmate.

Week of November 27th RF Lists


moaning dreaming waving trading cleaning skating mailing

floating grinning humming pushing fixing exploring monitoring


shutting asking resting standing jumping picking

using eating closing looking hiking reading


swimming running sitting getting yelling passing

setting cutting adding stopping begging jogging


swim run sit sat get yell pass set cut add stop beg

(List D we focus on using fluently in writing.)

Next Week We Will...

November 20th Review Skills

November 27th

ELA: L5a Word Relationships

Math: OA.2 Division

Social Studies: cultures and customs around the world

Week of November 27th Vocabulary (Key words for the EOG)

generous - give more of something than expected

assertive - confident or forceful

gentle - mild manner or tender

glamorous - full of beauty

considerate - showing kind regards

Supplies Needed

Tissues, (soft) balls for baseball and tennis, paper plates and towels, craft sticks, colored copier paper.