PSA- Preventing Texas Water Crisis

By: Alex Berend, Cory Hurtubise, and maybe Corey Sparrow

Where does our water come from?

Currently, our water in North Texas, according to the North Texas Municipal Water District(NTMWD), our water is utilized from Lavon Lake, Lake Texoma, and Lake Chapman for our raw water resource.

When will Texas run out of water?

Although there is no set date of when Texas will run out of water, many officials and government leaders are looking into the futur to start saving water now. Currenlty 25 million people live in Texas. By 2060 there is to be a projected 46 million people. That will cost in a 22% increase in water needs while water is expected to drop 10% in the next 47 years.

Wasting Water is Weird: Car Wash

How to conserve?

If you are still lost on the idea of water conservation, read the following tips on how to save water.

1. Turn off the focet while brushing your teeth if you leave it on.

2. During showers, do not waste time doing unnecessary tasks while the water is running.

3. If you are a bath person, keep the amount of baths you take per week to a minimal.

4. Follow your country or city municipal water usage plans. Lack to do so could end up in fines or penalties.

5. When watering your plants, lawn, trees, etc., water them just before sunrise or very early in the morning. Anywhere from the 1-6a.m. range when the temperature is at its coolest.

6. When washing dishes, turn off water when rinsing.

Wasting Water is Weird: Bathroom

Who does this effect...

Our water usage mainly concerns us, and our neighboring states. Now in worst circumstances it could effect a larger area if one specie goes extinct and it effects a whole food chain because of the drought. If we were to run out of water, then we would have to use water from other states and it would become a lot more expensive.
Wasting Water is Weird: Dishwasher

Put in to action

Every single water user is guilty of wasting water on any level. It is time to change that.

First up is the state. If the state starts putting stricter water usage laws on individuals and companies, that could be million of gallons of water saved.

Second, individuals. If we all do our part and fix our leaks and have better water usage skills, that could be millions more gallons saved in Texas alone. It's the little things that count.