Wildcat News

Class Updates


We are currently graphing the daily outside temperature and deciding what clothes are appropriate to wear for certain types of weather. For example: a coat, hat, and gloves if it is cold; shorts if it is warm, etc. We are also learning about how the earth is tilted which causes the four seasons to occur: winter, spring, summer, and autumn.


Last week students visited the library to read, check out books and look at magazines.

This week we worked on our Unit Objectives for Unit 1, Lessons 1–5

• Write the letters for the consonant sounds / b /, / k /, / f /, / m /, / s /, and / t / and the short vowel a (/ ă /).

• Say the sounds for consonants b, c, f, m, s, t and short vowel a (/ ă /).

• Read fluently and spell words with sound-spelling correspondences from this unit.

• Read fluently and spell the Essential Words: a, I, is, that, this, the, are.

• Identify categories to build word meanings.

• Distinguish between singular and plural nouns.

• Identify nouns and verbs.

• Read fluently phrases and sentences.

• Preview reading selection using text features.

• Make predictions about a reading selection.

• Define vocabulary using a reference source or context-based strategies.

• Identify factual information by listening to and reading informational text.

• Identify topic, main ideas, and supporting details in informational text.

• Answer questions beginning with is and are in complete sentences based on text.

Social Studies

Freshmen: We are learning the regions of the United States. So far, we have studied the Northeast, The Southeast, and the Midwest. We will be continuing with the West and The South. Then we are going to start working on projects about Missouri.

Sophomores: We are finishing the Federal Government and starting the State Government.

Juniors: We have been discussing Martin Luther King Jr. and racism. We have been discussing how the events of the past have effect our world today. We are going to be exploring peoples differences and what is prejudice.


Senior students are helping to plan the end of year banquet. We are currently researching different restaurants in the community that we could use to hold this event. They had to calculate how many guests would be coming and once we decide on a place they will do the math involved in figuring out price per person.

Junior students are working on their tipping skills. They have been applying 10% and 20% tips. We also discussed all the people you tip and appropriate amounts for each.

Homework: If you are out to eat have your students help with the tip!

Sophomore students are now in their measurement unit. They are currently measuring to the nearest quarter inch. In the next week they will be doing an experiment that will have them measure how far items will fly using a catapult they will create.

Homework: Have your students measure items around the house.

Freshman students have just begun their measurement unit. We are working on measuring different lengths. Right now they are identifying the proper unit of measure for objects. In the next week they will be putting the tape measures to work and measuring all kinds of things in the classroom.

Homework: Have students identify if they would measure objects at home in millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), meters (m) or kilometers (KM)

Job Training

The Employees of the Month for January were Aaron Fischbach and Cierra Webb. Everyone is doing a great job. The students have been working snow-cones as well.


We are continuing to shop for school staff one day per week. Students will also have the opportunity to shop for themselves 2 times per month.


We are currently studying the 5 food groups taken from MyPlate: oils, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Students are working on a project piecing together the various food groups. We will continue discussing what types of foods contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition and Wellness/ Culinary Arts

Our coffee cart has seen more sales in Mocha! The warmer weather has our students making more and more iced coffees. Our baristas have been doing a great job managing the coffee cart. We have many teachers around the building who we can always count on to submit an order. We can't thank them enough!

In class we have begun our conversations on food safety and proper hand-washing. We are moving into our cooking unit and have to make sure that we are safely preparing our food.


Special Olympics Basketball

We had a wonderful time at Special Olympics Basketball! Kirkwood High School put on a great event. We are very proud of all our athletes. Way to go everyone!


Talent Show

Our "What I do Best" Talent Show will be held on March 9th. Students have been working hard practicing their talents. If your student has any props they want to use during their performance please start sending those in. The more practice we have with the props the better.

Senior Activity Day

Permission Slips for Senior Activity Day have been sent home. The day of the event is April 19th. The cost is $50.00.

No School

No School on March 10th due to teacher professional development. Enjoy your three day weekend!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences will be held on the nights of March 15th and 16th. We will be located in Room 135 (Ms. Berry's room).

Spring Break

Spring Break is from March 17th - March 24th. Students will return to school on Monday, March 27th.