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Chris Rudy

The Basics of Credit

A Credit is the ability to obtain goods or services before payment have to be made.Forms of credit are Credit Score, Creditworthiness, Lender, and Interest (APR). The cost of associated is Interest (APR).The thing that determines if someone gets credit is if they pay back the bank their Credit Cards amount and what there Credit Report looks like, the Credit Bureau puts your credit by checking to see if you have any Personal Loans such as house loans, car loans, and college loans.

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Things To Know

A credit card is plastic card issued by a bank, business, etc.that you used a purchase of goods or services. You can used a credit card pretty much any where in world. The things that benefits having a credit card is if you don't have money in hand you can charge it.The cost of having is Annual Fees, Penalty Fees, Over-the-limit fees. Also another thing can support you have a credit card are Credit Limits that can save you and hurt you. You mite have to pay small or large Interest Rate (APR) to the bank.


My tip to High School Senior is watch what you spend. Pay your bills every month. Don't go over your limit. Make sure you can what your buying.