Lab Safety Newspaper Project

By Abdul Saeed P5 Mr. Sommer

Lab Safety Rule #1

Wait for teacher's directions - Waiting for directions is one of the main rules you might be asking why. Well if you don't listen to what the teacher has to say then you are not going to know what to do which may lead to accidents.
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Lab Safety Rule #2

Wear protective gear - Wearing protective gear is important because you need to be safe and not be in contact with chemicals some examples could be Lab Coat, Googles, and Closed-toed shoes
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Lab Safety Rule #3

No food or drinks - No food or drinks should be allowed because they could accidentally fall into chemicals which could blow up so the main reason is no food or drinks unless the teacher says you can eat your "experiment".
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Lab Safety Rule #4

Clean up after lab is finished- Cleaning up is very important because if you don't clean up then either the next class could get hurt or you could get hurt yourself.
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Lab Safety Rule #5

Always listen to the teacher - This may be the most important rule of all because if you don't listen to the teacher than there could be many consequences and you might not know what to do.
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