American Revolution

The Colonies is the place to be.

Patriots vs. Loyalists

I as a patriot think it is unfair that we have the order being held in other peoples household. I personally think that it is unfair how we have to get taxed for tea when do not know of it. Also when they were taxing us for stamps. The intolerable acts punishing us as patriots for the Boston Tea Party. Me as a patriot think that all of this taxing is unfair and holding us in peoples houses we have no clue they are.

Boston Tea Party

When the Boston Tea party happened it was December 16, 1773. The people that were involved in this was all of the colonists, Paul Revere, Thomas Crafts jr., the sons of liberty, and patriot organization. This event happened because the colonists were getting taxed for tea when they didn't know it. What happened was the colonists were getting taxed for tea and so when the boat came in with cases of tea the colonists decided to dress up as indians and throw tea into the ocean. This helped the colonists lead to the revolution is that it really set the other colonists into a swing of the revolution and got them hipped about it.

The events that lead to the revolution.

Danger Zone

Intolerable Acts

When the intolerable acs happened was on December 17, 1773. The person that was involved was king George the III. A series of British laws that the american colonies disagreed with. This was a punishment for the colonists for the Boston Tea Party event. this lead o the revolution because it made the colonists mad because it was a passed law that was supposed to punish them for the Boston Tea Party.

Boston Massacre

It happened on March 5, 1770. The people that were involved was the colonists that lived in Boston, British troops, Samuel Gray, James Caldwell, Samuel Maverick, and Patrick Carr. It was a street fight that was started by the British troops. Why the Boston Massacre happened was because of the riots due to the British sentinel. This event turned it to the revolution because it turned the colonists against king George III and acts and taxes.