Bush Weekly News

February 5, 2016

Weekly Notes

It was good to see so many families attending our Hornet Pride Role Model Assembly on Tuesday! Our parents were so excited to be at school and to hear so many positive things being said about their child! You do an excellent job explaining all of the wonderful things each student accomplishes and there many success stories. It makes me want to be in your classroom!

Just a few notes for the week:

  • Valentine's Parties will be held next Thursday, February 11th from 2:15 - 3:00. Just a reminder, the lounge fridge is for staff lunches and any party items need to be taken to your classroom.
  • As I'm observing, I'm noticing lots of great things taking place in your classroom. Please let the office know so we can take pictures for our Facebook page. Let's get your story out to our parents.
  • Stu-Co has done an amazing job collecting Box Tops for PTO. To date, we have collected about $400 during our January drive. Thank you Stu-co!!!
  • Our Positive Referrals have been BOOMING this week! It's so exciting to see the positive comments you make about the students in your classroom. This is the best part of our day!
  • Heather will be covering Chelsey's maternity leave. Chelsey is working closely with Heather to transition groups and guidance curriculum. Thank you Heather!!!
  • We're starting to work on organizing the Book Room! I'm excited about all the new book boxes and the reorganization that has started taking place. Feel free to start by and help put a few book boxes together.
  • Leadership Team will meet Monday at 3:30 in Lisa's room.
  • Just a reminder, students should not be chewing gum here at school. Dickie has had several messes to clean up including the cafeteria tables, classroom chairs, the rugs, and so on. Please help with this issue.
  • Just heads up that we'll be starting budget here very quickly. If you have any major items that we need to consider, please let me know right away.
  • The Board of Education will be eating lunch with us on Wednesday at 11:30.
  • DIBELS - We have a new report for parents. You may want to print it off for conferences.
  • Summer School enrollment forms will be available for conferences. Please drop by and pick up what forms you will need to hand out to parents.

Below I've attached some pictures of some "happenings" at Bush this week!

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Super Bowl Sunday

Who's your pick? What a strong season these two teams have had this year. The Panthers have been hard to stop and the Broncos season looked like it was over at one point. I was really hoping our Chiefs would be at the top, but better luck next year. One of the 5th graders asked me who I was rooting for and I replied, "probably the Carolina Panthers because Cam Newton is such an awesome quarterback!" He looked at me and said, "you know who Cam Newton is?" I wasn't expecting that response and replied, "of course, don't you?" Ok, I know I'm older, but really???? Out of the mouth of babes! No matter who you root for this weekend, enjoy the game!
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