Year 2 Newsletter

14th March 2014

What have we done this week?

This week we have continued with the detective theme. With a particular focus on using glossaries to find new words. The words were linked to our science topic, electricity. The children have found and discussed the meaning of: circuits, wires, bulbs, batteries, mains, power source, components, conductor and insulator. Ask your child what a conductor is.

We have also focused on the use of connectives in our writing, in particular time connectives and causal connectives. Some examples of time connectives: first, next, then and causal connectives: because, and, otherwise etc. This was linked to our science as we wrote explanations about how to make a bulb light in a circuit.

In maths this week we looked at adding 9 and 19 , by adding 10 and subtracting 1 and adding 20 and subtracting 1. We then applied this to larger 2 digit numbers ending in 9. We also looked at subtracting these numbers and the associated strategies.

Year 2 scientists built circuits and were challenged to make the bulb light up ……and they did! Next we will build in a switch, which will eventually lead to making a burglar alarm system!

In art we continued to look at our unique fingerprint and made them with 3d materials.

We started our study of our personal history by talking about immediate and extended family. All the children created a family tree and discussed family names in their own language.


After a week of focusing on different connectives, we have decided that the children need a little more practice to consolidate thir learning. Project work will start next week and the children will receive a new homework for this weekend, consisting of connectives-based activities.