Mummies in the Morning

Mary Pope Osborne

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plot outline

Exposition: Pyramid,Jack,Annie,the black cat,queen Egyptian

TE: Annie and Jack wanted to know about the mummy that die.

rising action: While Annie and Jack were walking through the temple they heard a strange cry shot shot through the pyramid. then out of the shadows flew a white figure.

TE: They did not know if it was a mummy or a person.

climax: Annie thought mummies are real so she called the mummy loudly but Jack told her to stop shouting out.

TE: Annie and Jack saw something in the distance.

falling action: Jack had to figure out the simble that says on the wall.

TE: the simbles were the way to find the book of the dead.

resolution: The resolution is that Jack and Annie found the door where the mummy was.

sample paragraph

Protagonist: The protagonist is that Annie and Jack found a black cat in the tree house sitting there and starring at Jack and Annie.Antagonist: Jack and Annie had to go to the pyramid because they needed to know who died and what was her name.Facts: Jack and Annie needed to get closer but if they get closer then its harder to see. When they went inside the pyramid of the dead they noticed that the black cat was gone and the door was shoot so Jack took out his book of egypt and the book said that there is robbers that steel jewels and other stuff. Historical Setting Event: the setting of the book was in the pyramid of the dead where people died and turn into mummies so thats why Annie and Jack were the ones who went to the pyramid of the dead and got to meet Queen hutepi of the nile that was made of air.