Lewis Ledger - Week 10

September 30, 2018

Sunny Heights is where everyone is valued and respected. Our vision is to inspire a passion for learning in a student-centered, family friendly environment.

Week 10 - Daily Focus

Hard to imagine that we are just a few days away from Fall Break. This week we have turned our attention on the challenge we have to improve student achievement at Sunny Heights. As a staff, we discussed COMMITMENT, TRUST & OPENNESS, and a CLEAR MISSION. WE are the answer. I encourage you spend this last week prior to break thinking and reflecting on what we each can do to improve #OURHeights!


Shout Out to all of you AWESOMIZERS that made it clear to everyone Wednesday morning that we will show COMMITMENT, TRUST, and have a CLEAR MISSION for academic growth here at Sunny Heights!

Shout Out to Joan & Erika on being award the ELMER AWARD for their dedication to supporting the students, families, and staff of Sunny Heights!!

Shout Out to Kara Smith for being awarded her WAEF Grant for "Chillin' Out at Sunny Heights". $749 to support our students!!

Shout Out to 3rd and 4th grade for grade level attendance this week being over the district goal of 96%!! Our increased student achievement on iLearn will be tough if 3rd and 4th graders are not at school!

Data Blast

24.4% - The amount of student learning days completed for the 2018-2019 school year. That means, after all the great conversations this week, information learned this fall, ideas tried, plans implemented (worked or failed), we have 75.6% of our school year left as opportunity to improve the educational experience for our 476 students...that's 136 days to be AWESOME! Embrace the opportunity!

Attendance Status

KG:94.21% 1st: 93.89% 2nd: 93.62% 3rd: 96.14% 4th: 97.54% SH Total: 95.07%

OUR highest attendance week of the year so far!! Keep pushing kids to be here on time, every day. Remind parents at conferences that being here is the first and most important step to their child's success!!

Staff Focus and Action Items

End of Module Assessments - 3RD NOTICE!!!! End of Module Eureka assessments have been completed. Please complete the EOM Data Survey. This data will be important as we work through Edulastic (2nd grade will use Module 2 data). PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY

Kick A** Ideas Padlet Please do not forget to add any ideas you have on what we can do to help foster and promote student achievement growth. Use the padlet to add any ideas on what we can do differently to take us where we want to go!

Parent Teacher Conferences Parent Teacher Conferences are Tuesday!! The expectation is 100% conferences with parents. Every conference should focus on what students are doing well and where they need to focus on the most for positive growth. Make a connection that will help support your students the rest of the year!

Announced Observations I have begun Announced Observations. Please send me a preferred date and time (from 10/22 - 12/7) for your Announced Observation. Everyone has access to my Google Calendar so you can see any dates I may be out of the building. I will send you a calendar invite when I am able to confirm the date. Here is the Pre-Observation Form to be filled out prior to the observation. If I do not get a preferred date to me by the end of Fall Break, I will be scheduling one for you.

Bullying Prevention Month October is National Bullying Prevention Month! Be thinking about how to share with students awareness of and what to do when they observe bullying behavior (the IDOE has additional resources if needed). If you have not completed the bullying presentation and sign off , contact Ms. Wykes ASAP!

Device Damage Logs Everyone should be completing the digital device log each week at this point. If you are not, I will begin sending you an email reminder.

Social Emotional Learning Tip of the Week

Sharing another article geared toward the key component of SEL teaching...great teachers!! Reclaiming a Sense of a Joy contains some good ideas and reminders of why we love this profession! Disregard #5....J/K!!

Events at a Glance

Week at a Glance - Click on the link to see a view of this week's events (Important PTA events this week!)

Professional Development and Meeting Calendar - click this link to view updated professional development and Wednesday meetings

Remind 101 - here is the link to join our Sunny Heights Remind 101 app for staff announcements



There will be days when our own negativity will get the best of us, moments when we don't live up to our own standards. Don't allow these moments of frustration to own you. Remember that your personal excellence starts over again each day...via #Culturize

Visuals - Locus of Control #2

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Big picture

Resources & Reminders

Tier I Classroom PBIS - Continue to practice PBIS Tier I at the classroom level. Reach out to the committee for questions or clarification. It is very important that we commit to the process and provide consistency for EVERYONE. We will see the results that we are striving for if everyone is committed to being part of the TEAM!

Social Studies & Reading Support - If you would like me to come in to teach a social studies lesson for your class, please let me know a time, day, and topic that would work. Also, let me know if you would like me to come read a story to your class.