my brother

annoying him

how it started

when I was 10 and my brother was 14 I wanted to hang out with him all the time I wanted to go everywhere he went. Then one day I asked him if I can go and said no but I asked again and he went all out and started to yell as laud as he could.

the consequences of annoying him

now if you annoy him to much he will yell and eather throw you of punch you and then lock you out side for a long time he will also takle you

my relationship with my bro now

now he is out of the house more. he is hanging out with friends and playing football for ceder ridge high school. we also dont fight as much now and i like it that way we are geting along so well he even takes me to the movies and lets me hang out with his friends with him and we play video games together and drive to the outllet mall and jumpoline with his friends.