Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

By: Judy Blume/ Book Report By: Beth Ellsworth


Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is about a boy named Peter, who is very territorial. In the beginning of fourth grade he won a turtle and named it Dribble. Peter's little brother, Fudge, LOVES Dribble. First, he went into Peter's room and let dribble crawl around. Then, Fudge got in Peter's room and messed up his project and Peter had to remake it and have it turned in on time. Shelia, who is in the other book, is glad she took the writing assignment home with her and didn't leave it at Peter's house. The last thing Fudge did what EAT Dribble. They took Fudge to the hospital without even saying anything about Dribble being EATEN to Peter. Peter was MAD at Fudge. He was getting so much attention with the nurses and presents, Peter could even look at Fudge. When Peter's dad came home with a really big box, he was even more mad at Fudge. Only this present was for Peter. He opened the Box and it was a furry, adorable, loving dog! Peter named the dog Turtle. To remind him about Dribble.


This always reminds me of Dribble being eaten by Fudge, and crawling around Peter's room, and being Peter's pet. This also reminds me how surprised I was when it said that Fudge ATE Dribble. And of course, Dribble did not survive being eaten.


Sometimes I feel like Fudge is the main character in the book because it talks about Fudge so much. Peter once started to call Fudge Fangs because he fell off the jungle gym and knocked his two front teeth out.


This picture reminds me about Peter's dog, Turtle, and how Peter thought his parents weren't thinking about how Dribble was eaten to Peter. He was wrong about that. I thought that was really nice of Peter's parents that they thought about how dribble was his pet and Fudge ruined that for him. So they got Peter Turtle and told Fudge that that was Peter's dog. Not his.