McKenzie Holshouser

This world needs less Kardashian And more George Strait

describe something I did yesterday

Yesterday I washed my truck because I don't want to drive around in a dirty truck. I get a workout cleaning it because I have to climb on the tire to get to the middle of the windshield. My daddy gave me the truck because he knew I would like it. Also once I get enough money I will put a lift kit on it. Also I will put my fire lights on the inside of it so I can drive to and from work if I get a call and I'm not at the fire department.

something you do well

Something I do well is shoot. I love to shoot for a hobby and for hunting practice. My grandpa taught me about guns. I like shooting because it is a hobby of mine and it relives stress.

something about your childhood

Something about my childhood is that my grandpa and I would always go fish together. We fish together to spend time together and also it is a hobby. I started fishing when I was two and have been ever since.

something you learned last week

Something I learned last week was in animal science I learned that chickens have only one functioning ovary and that when they are pregnant the fetus isn't kept in the uterus like cows and humans are they are stored outside of the body. It was interesting because I thought that chickens had 2 functioning ovaries just like us or cows

something you can't live without

Something I can't live without would definitely be my family. Because I lean on them when I'm upset or needing someone to talk to. also they help support me and get me through a lot of things. Without my family I would definitely not be where I am as a person today.

something you love to watch or listen to

I like to listen to country music. It describes me a lot and fits my personality. Country music always fits my mood. There is so much of the songs that i can say hey thats happen to me or I've did that.

something you dislike

Something I dislike is when guys say girls can't be firefighters. Because just because we are females doesn't mean we aren't capable of doing it. There are tons of women firefighters.
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