8th Dalen Hanquist

History of Cao Dai

A civil servant in Vietnam began to receive messages from a spirit called Duc Cao Dai, who was thought to be God. After three years of studying, he shared is beliefs, starting the new religion, Cao Dai. Over time this new religion, like all others, spread around and developed and it became another famous belief and way of life.

Caodaist beliefs

Caodaist believe that everyone should be reunited over time. Cao Dai is also a syncrestic religion, which makes it similar to other well known religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.

Cao Dai organization and practice

There are many ways to worship Duk Cao Dai, but the most well known way is to gather in groups and worship as a whole, instead of separately. They would also have items they would use like tea, candles, jewelry, and many other items they would use for sacrifice.


There are currently over eight million followers in Vietnam, and only around 30,000 other miscellaneous followers around the world. Cao Dai was made in 1926 though, so it is still on its way to becoming a greatly followed religion.