LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministry at First Baptist Covington.

Hey, everybody!

Hopefully everyone is caught up on rest after an incredible and exhausting weekend of Retreats! Both the guys and the girls had a great time, and I'm sure you'll hear the stories.

We are back to normal this week with LIFT, LifeLine, and Prayer Breakfast. At LIFT, we'll raid the leftover food, win some prizes, and start a new series called Like Jesus. At LifeLine this Sunday, we are having a Movie Night, featuring the movie Epic. That means you need to be there at 5:30 instead of 6, and we'll be done by 7:30pm. Also, we've got Prayer Breakfast as normal.

Youth Choir is starting back up with some great music and opportunities to lead in worship! Be at the Choir Room Sunday at 5pm to join!

Be sure to check out our SNACK SUPPER SCHEDULE below! We've added a parent-provided meal once a month, and the students LOVE it! Click on the picture below to see when you're up!

Also, keep these upcoming dates on your radar:

  • NO Prayer Breakfast Nov. 26
  • LIFT Christmas Party Dec. 11
  • Ski Trip Feb. 18-21, 2014
  • Student Life Mission Camp @ Myrtle Beach, June 16-20, 2014

Last Week's Message from LIFT!

Satan message

Follow-Up Questions

· Why is it important for Christians to understand the character of Satan?

· What have you learned about Satan tonight?

· When you see people turning away from God, what lie are they believing?

· How does Satan deceive us?

· What can you do to fight of Satan as your enemy?

· How does knowing the end of Satan’s story affect how you view him and sin?