Cesar's Band

If you want to be an excellent player on your instrument come on down to Cesar's Band. To begin you have to pay $30 to play in our band and pay for your instrument. There are discounts for you're instruments there is 10, 15, 20 and 30% off of your instrument. If you want pay $20 extra you get 2 more months. In addition, we are open Monday to Friday at 10AM-6PM. On every Wednesday there is going to be a special practice. Also we teach all kinds of instruments. We have brass, woodwind, percussion and low brass that you can choose from. Finally we do 1 hour practice everyday we have one hour practice per grade for adults 2 hours. so keep that instrument in tune.

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Cesar's Band Building

Monday to Friday


Disclaimer: This flier is not real, it was made for a school project.