The Catcher in the Rye

J.D. Salinger

Holden Caulfield, who is the main character in this book, is his own antagonist. In this story Holden is having trouble knowing the difference between reality and dreams of reality. This leaves him in a place of loneliness.

I liked this book because it plays with your mind the whole book. It makes you believe something that isn't true.

My favorite part was when Holden admitted that he was a great liar. I liked it because it helps you understand the end of the book better.

I don't think I would't change anything about the book because everything is perfectly written.

An example of onomatopoeia is:

"And it made a big clunk" (page 23)

An example of a metaphor is:

"-she was a goddam icicle or something" (page 79)

I recommend this book to any gender and anybody 15 years and older. I would recommend this because the story line is complex and the material is a little mature.

The 5 adjectives that I would use to describe this book are:

Confusing, Interesting, Mind-boggling, Lonely, and Fascinating.


Colloquial (everyday) language and it was easy to read along.