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Message from Mr. Alarcon

We are now in the final month of the 2020-21 school year! This month we celebrate our wonderful teacher's at St. Anthony of Padua. Each individual has gone above and beyond to bring the best possible situation to our school. I cannot express enough of how proud I am of our staff, parents and children.

We have a lot going on this month. Everything from testing to field day! As we are putting a lid on this year, I want to thank all of you for your patience, resilience and kindness. We have grown as a school because of each one of you. God Bless You and your family.

Student Mass Schedule

05/03 - Grades 2-5

05/10 - Grades 6-8

05/17 - Grades 2-5

05/24 - Grades 6-8

Students will be taken to the Church at 8:25am. If your child has mass that day, please try to get them to school before that time.

Teacher Spotlight - Susan Delgado

When I first met Mrs. Delgado, it was intimidating. She was not disrespectful, but expressed herself with great confidence. I admired how she spoke about her peers and students. I knew right away that she was a leader and great educator.

Over the years, many of you have been touched in one way or another by Mrs. Delgado. She may have taught or is teaching your child. You may have also had her as a teacher yourself. You may have seen her in the hallways talking to the children or outside taking her kids to play. Mrs. Delgado has represented our school with great class and honor over her career.

That is why it is so difficult, but also at the same time happy, to announce Mrs. Delgado will be retiring at the end of this school year.

All of us have been honored that she decided to leave her mark at our school over the years. While she will be missed, she will still come back to visit. Thank you Mrs. Delgado for all that you have done and are doing for our students, parents, peers and school. God Bless.

Teacher Spotlight - Patti Mott

If you do not know who Mrs. Mott is, I can describe her in a couple of words....teacher, kind. It is with great honor that I can congratulate her on retirement. At. St. Anthony's, Mrs. Mott's job is to work with students that need a little extra assistance. Over the years, she has provided a fantastic service for our students and teachers. Mrs. Mott is a team player that has impacted countless lives. She uses her calm demeanor to assist in bringing our children to grade level. Without Patti, St. Anthony's would not be as successful as it is.

We all want to thank Mrs. Mott for her wisdom and patience. She has taught her peers many things, including how to act like a teacher. Patti is the consummate professional. We all love her and even though she is retiring, what we learned will be forever etched in our minds and hearts. Thank you Mrs. Mott for everything you have done for our students and teachers. God Bless.

PAC Meeting 05/05

No School dates for month of May


Fundraisers for the month of May

May 6th - $1 dress down

May 14th - $1 dress down

May 20th - Marco's Pizza Night

May 22nd - Golf Outing

New Curriculum/Resources for the 2021-22 school year

We are excited to be adding some new curriculum for the upcoming school year.

1. Math Envision K-8

2. Science 6-8 (possibly K-5)

3. Two 3D printers to be placed in specific classrooms

4. Interactive tables to be placed in Kindergarten

5. Simple Solutions for Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies (Grades K-8)

6. Flash Cards for all students based on grade level

7. 2 AED machines to be placed in the gym and bottom level of the school.

8. 30 Calculators for middle school

9. Math Manipulatives

10. Lumos Workbooks for grades 3-8

11. Spectrum Workbooks

12. Headphones for every student in the school

13. 75 chromebooks

Important Dates in May

NWEA Testing - May 10th - May 14th

May 11th - KONA Ice will be visiting! (thank you to Father Smith)

May 20th - Field Day

May 21st - PreK graduation 10am

May 21st - Walk-a-Thon 12pm

May 22nd - Golf Outing at Thunderbird Hills

May 24th - School Bingo

May 24th - 8th grade vs. Staff Volleyball

May 25th - 8th grade Clap Out

May 25th - 8th grade graduation 6pm

May 26th - Last day of school

May 31st - Memorial Day

Playground Information

This month our students are voting on 4 different playgrounds. Ultimately, they will choose which one will be on our campus. We are getting close to our goal. We want to thank all of you and our parent leaders that have led our fundraising efforts.

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