Monocot and Dicot

How are they different?! By Riley Kocher and Miranda Smith

Monocots and dicots are very different.

Monocots and dicots are different. These are different because of the groups. These groups are differentiated by leaves, stems, roots, seeds, and flowers. The leaves veins for the monocot they are parallel. However, for the dicot, the leaves are reticulated. Also, the monocot has only one seed, while the dicot has two seeds. The roots grow randomly into the ground for the dicot. But, the dicot has proper growing and it grows straight down and the roots spread out. The monocots stem is vascular bundles that grow scattered however,the dicots stems grow in vascular bundles that grow in a ring. The dicot's flowers grow in multiples of three but, the dicots flowers grow in multiples of three or four. That's the AMAZING difference between monocots and dicots!!!
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