Dos and Don'ts of Facebook



When you're on Facebook you should post things like pictures of a sunset or pictures of food or something like that. You should post something thanking someone or say something about something thats going on, not the day you are going vacation. You could post something good someone did.


Do not post things bad about someone doing something. Your family and friends can see what you post and if you are trying to get a job, the manager can see what you do. You should not say anythings you would not say thigns you would not say around your parents.If you post too much information people can see it and they could take the information and still your credit card. You should not bulley kids or troll poeple. You should not bulley kids because they could kill themsevles or hurt others if they think about the things you said about them. If someone kills themselves because of something you posted you would get blamed for it and you might go to jail. Do not like picture because others liked it before you.
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