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Daniel Kim

Fill in the blank

Instead of complimenting her for the great presentation, the pessimist delivered a harsh _________________ which upset Meredith for the rest of the day.
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noun. An abusive criticism or attack.

Roots: DIA <G. "through" TRIBEIN <G. "to rub," "to wear out"


criticism, denunciation, invective


praise, approval, compliment
Obama Criticizes Congress After Vote to Defund 'Obamacare'

1:50 ~ 2:20

Choose the sentence in which the bold-faced type is used incorrectly,

a) After a few personal remarks between the opposing senators, the congressional debate quickly became an exchange of diatribes.

b) Ironically, Senator Henry Clay was later criticized by fellow senators for delivering too many diatribes.

c) During the school elections, when Ryan made a diatribe against his opponent, he was eliminated from the ballot by his principal.

d) In the Inca capital, the diatribe was superior to all other tribes.