Final Newsletter

Hello once again our accepted delegates!

The event is coming much quicker then you think and in just a few days you'll be joining us in the conference!

Attached kindly find the 3rd and final booklet containing all the relevant information to ensure that your stay is as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible, a final message from the CCP, conference and social agendas, transport and the post-study tour!

With all that's going on, we ask of you to fill in all the applications (those who have kindly ignore this). Kindly be advised that unless you fill in the attached applications, we are not responsible for any complications that you may find in arriving to and leaving from the hotel and any complications during your stay at the hotel.

All applications deadline: Monday, 7th March

WE LEAD final application link: https://podio.com/webforms/15034369/1008139

Also, on another note, we ask if you have ever been on an exchange and if so, where, what was your project and what did you do? Just a simple reply to this e-mail will be perfect. This is to help us further familiarize ourselves with you, as well as to gain a better feel for those who are coming to our conference :)


On the 17th of March, AIESEC shall be hosting the YouthSpeak Forum to kick off the WE LEAD Conference . The YouthSpeak Forum shall revolve around three main pillars; Education, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability while raising awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as were proposed by the United Nations. Below please find the link which you need to fill in to choose your preferred workshop by the 5th of March or one shall be assigned for you.

YouthSpeak application link: https://podio.com/webforms/14960251/1004039

See you all in 11 days! :D

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