Chinese Mythical Creatures&Legends

Mythical Creatures


Look-The original Chinese dragon had the head of a camel,horns of a stag,eyes of a demon,ears of a cow,neck of a snake, claws of a eagle and, paws of a tiger. While the modern one tends to look more like a serpent.The claws of a dragon may not seem important but they are the easiest way to identify a dragons ranking. The most common dragon,mang,has four claws. While the three clawed dragon,li,is a hornless water dragon that controls the seas.

Powers-The dragon is a being of water and the bringer of power and excellence.The dragon represents yang, the male aspect of yin&yang.The Chinese believed in dragon lines,or the veins of the earth.It is said if you build on top of these mythical lines you will face the wrath of a dragon.


Name-The Quilin has been mistranslated to Unicorn.While the Quilin has a single horn like a unicorn it is far from one.The real translation is one-horned Quilin or unicorn Quilin.

Look-The Quilin has many similarities to a dragon most noticeably thick eyelashes and a thick flowing mane that seems to defy gravity.But unlike the dragons serpent like body the Quilins body is shorter and more horse/equine like.

Powers-Quilin have been associated with luck,good omens,protection,prosperity,success,and longevity.Also when a good ruler or sage passes on a Quilin will appear. Quilin can tell if a person is pure or malicious/bad.Even thought the Quilin is naturally peaceful it will attack any malicious person trying to hurt a pure one.


Powers-The Xiezhi is a divine goat who symbolizes justice.Also since the Xiezhi is a cross between a dragon and a Quilin it can tell right from wrong.Like the Quilin it is generally peaceful but if a bad human is threatening a pure one. It is also know to eat wildfires.

Guardian Lions

Meaning-Guardian Lions are normally found outside of rich or noble peoples homes. They are there to protect the people of the house. Guardian lions are almost always found in pairs of one female and one male.You can tell the difference because the the male has the Flower of Life on a ball under his paw while the female has a cub under her paw. That not a that is different between them it is said the the female protects the inhabitants of the house and the male protects the building that the people live in.


Look-The FengHuang have the beak of a rooster,face of a swallow,forehead of a fowl,neck of a snake,breast of a goose,back of a tortoise,hindquarters of a stag,tail of a fish.It is basically the Chinese Phoenix.

Meaning-The FengHuang is a symbol of virtue and grace.Its head represents virtue the wings represent duty,the back represents propriety,the abdomen is credibility, and the chest represents mercy. The FengHuang also represents yin in yin&yang.Because of this the FengHuang is commonly found in wedding decorations along with the dragon.


Lives-In mountains or underwater.The Nian comes out of hiding once a year around spring to feast on humans preferably children.

Weakness-The Nian is said to fear loud noises and the color red.This is why on Chinese New Years the Chinese hang bright red lanterns and loud fireworks/firecrackers for fear of the beast eating there children.

Legends/Famous Chinese Creatures

Chinese Zodiac

Story-A long time ago the Jade Emperor called a great race to be held to see who would represent the twelve years of the zodiac.(previously represented by earthly branches.)To get to the Jade Emperors palace you have to cross a long river which was anything but calm.Two intelligent animals,the cat and the mouse were horrible swimmers so they each cracked a plan to get to the other side.But they had the same plan,to hop onto the back of the naive but strong ox.But in the middle of the raging river the rat pushed the cat into the dark waters.As the ox reached the far side of the river the rat leapt ahead and claimed the first spot in the zodiac,not far behind the mischievous rodent the strong ox came along and claimed his spot on the zodiac in second.Third came the tiger with his tremendous strength he bravely swam across the river and came in third.Not to long later the thumping of a rabbit could be heard he explained that he got across the river by jumping from rock to rock,but half way though he slipped and by an amazing miracle a piece of driftwood came by and the rabbit made it to the shore.Next came the dragon the Jade Emperor was confused that a flying animal such a a dragon would come so late in the race.He explained that the towns folk were in need of water so he made it rain,then continued on his journey half way across the river he saw the poor rabbit flailing in the water feeling sorry for it he blew him to shore where he scamped ahead.Impressed by the dragons actions the dragon was declared the fifth animal in the zodiac. In the distance the galloping sound a horses hoofs could be heard but unknown to the horse a snake had hitched a ride on the horses legs surprised by the snakes sudden appearance the horse fell behind.There fore the snake came in sixth and the horse in seventh.Then came the goat,the monkey.and the rooster,simultaneously strutting,running,and galloping to the finish.As it turned out the rooster found the raft and the monkey and goat pulled the weed away so the could depart. Because of this the goat was the eighth creature the monkey was the ninth and the rooster was the tenth.The eleventh animal was the dog although he was the best swimmer of the lot he played to long agh the shore and barely made it onto the zodiac. The Emperor was about to close the race when the pig came he explained that he stopped to eat along the way then fell asleep,when he woke he continued the race to be placed twelfth.Meanwhile the poor cat drowned,people say because of this the cat will always chase the rat/mouse in vengeance for what happened that fateful day.


Name-The name Tianlong translates to "heavenly dragon" with "Tian" meaning hevenly and "Long" being dragon.The name Tianlong is used for many hotels,companies,and gungfu schools.

Time- The name Tianlong has been used since the Zhou dynasty and is still being used today.

The Jade Emperor

Story-It is said that the Jade Emperor runs three dimensions heaven,hell,and the realm of the living.The Jade Emperor passed laws for the living,saints,and the dead.