Cough Syrup

What is it?

Cough syrup is meant to be a liquid medicine to help symptoms of coughing, like sore throats and runny noses. But the issue is that some people know how to use it to get high, which completely defeats the purpose.

How does it enter the body?

Cough syrup is generally taken through the mouth and can be in the form of liquid or a capsule/pill. Some cough medicine may make you drowsy, which is part of the experience of getting high.

Street names:

  • DXM

  • Dex/Drex

  • Orange Crush

  • Poor man’s X

  • Red devils/Red hots

  • Robo

  • Rojo

  • SKittles

  • Tussin

  • Velvet Syrup

Short Term Effects:

relaxation, indifference to emotional or physical pain, drowsiness, constipation, slow breathing

Long Term Effects:

highly addictive, more is desired with each dose, withdrawals are long and painful, combined with alcohol or other drugs can lead to a respiratory failure causing death
Cough syrup is a psychological dependence. It changes the way the brain works, specifically the abuser’s mind.

Signs someone might be addicted to cough syrup:

  • using large amounts of medicine when that person is sick

  • hostile and uncooperative attitude

  • declining grades

  • changes in physical appearance

  • changes in sleeping pattern/eating habits